Anshan He Feng Refractory Material Co., Ltd registered in 1999 as the people’s limited company,
Total register fund achieve 30million rmb, the company occupied 34thousand square meters, the total asset costs 50millin RMB, year-selling amount at150million RMB and get the proud for 5years, we gained the ratepaying 50 advantaged enterprise of anshan city,
As the star enterprise in Anshan, developing private enterprise, hefeng won the great praise and credit among the fire-resistant field by nearly 10 years developing and sincere. There are complete management system, quality- guarantee system, environment protect equipment and clear production relationship, in 2001, we passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment protect system certification, 102002, we passed the high-new technology enterprise certification in Liaoning Province, in March, 2004, we passed the Authorize of postdoctoral management committee of national ministry of personnel, established the second postdoctoral in Anshan City.
We have more than 50 employees, management takes 8%, and technologist takes 14 present. Sale takes 12% and 66% are workers. Meanwhile, Hefeng decided to explore new product by the ideas of produce, learning and research, then cooperate with University of science and Technology Beijing, Northeastern University, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Luoyang institute of refractory research, Anshan steel technology Center and more than 20 universities, and some other researching organizations or companies. We also employ many experts as the rwWord("consultant"); consultant in steel-making and refractory fields. Following the advantage developing method both from the civil and broad, we investigate high added value product, and then got the most advantage technology. In recent years, we have developed and researched about 10 new products, and they have been put into using.
Hefeng company mainly produce 定型、不定型、炉外精炼耐火材料及熔剂, there are 4 serious, 58 standards and 136 brand item. At present, the main product are 转炉衬砖、电炉衬砖钢包衬砖、转炉大面自流无烟补炉料、LF炉盖、RH插入管、中间包挡渣墙、中间包镁质镁钙质涂料、低水泥系列浇注料、加热炉用预制块、铬质引流剂、钝化石灰粉、钝化金属镁粉、连铸保护渣、保温剂、覆盖剂 and so on. Most of their qualities are in the advantage level comparing with the same kind of product. Our 耐火材料, 炉料, alloy and other main product are always supplying to Anshan steel company. 转炉大面补炉料、喷补料、出钢口镁质修补补料、钢包无碳衬砖、中间包镁质涂料have taken 1/3 purchasing amount for Anshan Steel company. By the great using performance and sincere manage principle, our product are being used by 首钢、本钢、南钢、北营钢铁公司、唐山建龙、鞍山宝得 and some other medium-sized steel enterprises in China. Parts of the products have been exporting to USA, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan and other foreign countries. The quality of the product won a lot of great praise from the customers.
The BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY of hefeng is: man-oriented people foremost,priority to quality,strive to improve and devotion to society. All the stuff takes the quality as the first responsibility. While carrying out the ISO 9000 quality management system, we introduced the statistical method from total quality management (TQM). We rwWord("supervise"); supervise the whole producing progress by the effect trace method. By the opinion of gradually progress and environment protection, we now have 1250t、800t、630t摩擦压砖机7台,高速混砂机5台,行星式轮碾机8台,振动台3台,各种除尘器5台、破粉碎生产2条,钝化石灰生产线1条,保护渣生产线1条,电干燥窑3座,原子吸收分光光度计、偏光显微镜等价值150万元的检验检测设备. 镁碳砖 output achieves at 22000 to 30000 ton, different kinds of 不定型耐火材料 42000 ton, flux 35000 ton.
By the advantage of area mine, power and talent, and the company lay between Shenyang and Dalian, which is convenient at sea, road and air transportation. Recent years our nation has the policy that supporting the Northeast industry, the local government supporting, and preferential policy of ground for the investment enterprise. At present Hefeng pays attention to the national and abroad fire-resistant material developing, modifies and expedites product structure according to the advanced consciousness. Facing to the field of metallurgy, constriction material, we make our great effort to explore new fire-resistant material with the characteristic that contains longtime using, power saving, environment protecting and function. We are exploring the Chinese and foreign market positively, and producing the international famous brand products.
Hefeng Company with Open-minded and sincere attitude welcomes both national and abroad company to cooperate with us, so that building an excellent Chinese brand persistently.
Cooperating with Hefeng, we will create a excellent future together!


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